Why do I need a cleaning twice a year? | Dr. Josh Dorsett

Why do I need a cleaning twice a year? | Dr. Josh Dorsett

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Ever wonder why your hygienist recommends you return in 6 months?

There are 2 major reasons for a cleaning & exam every 6 months: first, we make sure everything is healthy and functioning normally, and we find any potential issues before they require more invasive treatment. Second, we clean up any plaque & calculus that may be present to give you that fresh feeling!

Everyone has plaque, which is the soft white gunk that is made up of bacteria & food, and this is what we remove by brushing & flossing twice a day or after meals.

Removing this plaque is important as the minerals in your saliva can harden the plaque into calculus (i.e. tartar, build up) if it isn’t cleaned up in a timely manner.

Once formed, calculus cannot be removed by brushing & flossing, and removal requires a trained professional with the right tools to prevent damaging teeth and gums.

So why is calculus bad for you?

The longer the hard spikes of calculus are attached to the teeth, the more they act as an anchor for more plaque, more food, and more bacteria. This can cause inflammation, bad breath, and even bone loss over time!

Calculus acts as a splinter in your gums resulting in tender gums that may bleed easily. This is an inflammatory reaction of your gums to the bacteria in the calculus.

Over time, the protective response of the body is to get as far away from the bacteria as possible. This results in bone loss. Now, bone is what is holding our teeth in, so we need to hold onto as much of that as possible.

How do I prevent this build up, inflammation, bad breath, & bone loss?

The simplest way to prevent build up, inflammation, bad breath, & bone loss is to brush & floss twice a day & come in for your regular check up & cleanings to remove any build up that may have formed before it gets worse.

The best way to step up your oral hygiene at home is to invest in an electric toothbrush. More on that to come!

What if I haven’t had a cleaning in years?

No problem! Come on in and let us do a thorough exam. We totally understand how life can get in the way & keep you busy.

Some patients may still just need a regular cleaning, while others may need a deeper cleaning. A deep cleaning is needed for those patients with a certain amount of calculus in order to perform a thorough cleaning and prevent further bone loss.

What’s my first step?

Your only first step is to make that call & get an appointment for your cleaning & check up. At Dorsett Dental Care, you can expect a clean office, friendly atmosphere, and clear explanations of what’s going on. We promise to treat you like family, listen to you, & create a personalized treatment plan that works for you. We can’t wait to meet you!

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